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Licensing agreement

Making a purchase of template ("resource", "asset", "product", "item", "file", etc) at Itmeo Market you accept a license agreement to use the template for specific use-cases under certain conditions. Itmeo Market still owns full rights. Any products based on the files from "Itmeo Market" are subject to the terms of following license. You are required to abide by the following terms.

Personal License

Personal License is defined as using purchased "Items" individually and not as a part of a company, business, non-profit, or any other organization of any kind. However, Personal Use is also defined as using purchased "Items" for Commercial Work, company projects, businesses and so on, if you aren't employed by such enterprises. We define Commercial Work as any work that isn't done for Personal Use. Synonymous terms include Contracted Work and Client Work.

Team License

If you're a part of a company, organization or any other enterprise of any size you must purchase Team License. The product purchased under Team License can be used by any number of the company's employees. This license is suitable for all the corporate and commercial organizations and business entities. In case of purchasing one of our the products for your company, you must choose Team License.


A customer ("You") has rights for creating personal and commercial projects.

This is a 'multi-use' license, which means you may use an Item multiple times in multiple projects.

You may modify the items according to your requirements and use them in any or all of your personal and commercial projects.

"Itmeo Market" team is not and will never be responsible for any results that may appear during the process of usage of the files or items from "Itmeo Market" and its parts.

"Itmeo Market" team reserve the rights to change prices and revise the license agreement in any moment and have not to warn anyone directly.


You do not have the rights to redistribute, lend, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer the file downloaded to any third party.

For any resalable web products, projects or other software programs, you should not include tool's graphic or code resources as an additional content. This will be considered as a redistribution of our resources which is absolutely forbidden.

You are not allowed to create a SaaS platform, a Website builder, a Template editor, iOS/Android application or any other webpage provider based on files from "Itmeo Market".

You can't redistribute the Item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. You can't do this with an Item either on its own or bundled with other items, even if you modify the Item. You can't redistribute or make the Item available as-is or with superficial modifications.

You must not permit an end user of your project to extract the Item and use it separately from your project.

Purchased & modified Item can't be used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold. For example, converting a purchased product to a template or theme for sale on your website or marketplaces like ThemeForest, Creative Market, etc.

In Addition

Under no circumstances will "Itmeo Market" team be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of data or profit, arising out of the use, or the inability to use, the materials on this site, even if "Itmeo Market" team or an authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

All the rights for images, fonts and illustrations used in the items are reserved by their legal owners and are presented in the item for demonstrating purposes.

If your use of materials from this site results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of equipment or data, you assume any costs by yourself.

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